Release Modifier

  • Product Name PEO-NF
    Chemical / Trade Name Polyethylene Oxide
    Description PEO-NF is Polyethylene oxide with molecule weights ranging from 100,000 to 7,000,000 polymerized from ethylene oxide. PEO-NF has many unique properties which make it possible to use for pharmaceutical application such as sustained release tablets.
    Product Application
    • In sustained release tables, including Osmotic pump type, Matrix type and also Hot melt type
    • Matrix type tablets can be made by direct compression.
    • Characteristics: White to off-white free flowing powder, Water swellable and soluble, Thermoplastic polymer, Nonionic polymer, Neutral pH (aqueous solution)
    Molecule specific -
    Regulatory Complies to USP-NF & having USDMF
    Packing 45Kgs./50Kgs.