Our Leadership

It's no great surprise that visioning is one of the demands. Successful executive leaders are able to look out, across, and beyond the organization. They have a talent for seeing and creating the future. They use highly visual language that paints pictures of the future for those they lead. As a result, they seem to attain bigger goals because they create a collective mindset that propels people to help them make their vision a reality.

These leaders also recognize that through visioning, they showcase their values and core beliefs. By highlighting what is important about work, great leaders make clear what is important to them in life. They clarify how their own values -- particularly a concern for people -- relate to their work. They also communicate a sense of personal integrity and a commitment to act based on their values.

As a result, employees know where they stand with these leaders. Their values -- consistent and unchanging through time -- operate like a buoy anchored in the ocean, holding firm against the elements while indicating the way.

Leadership Training Program


  • Gangwal Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., was formed in 1987
  • Promoted by Mr. Anil Jain, a Qualified Chartered Accountant
  • In 2000, The present Chairman Mr. K.C. Jain joined the Board bringing 6 decades of hands-on experience in Pharmaceutical R&D, Projects and Production having been associated with leading MNCs and a major Indian company
  • In 2010, Dr. Prasad Anaokar joined the board as a Functional Director to strengthen Quality & Regulatory. Dr. Prasad comes with 36 years of experience
  • Headquarter – West of India, Mumbai
  • Offices – West -Ahmedabad, North-Dehradun, South-Hyderabad,
  • Total Manpower in Sales and Marketing – 40 & growing…
  • Active in high end speciality ingredients for use in Pharmaceutical, Food & Nutrition, Personal Care and Industrial Chemicals
  • We represent the best global manufacturers exclusively for the Indian sub continent and Asia Pacific region
  • Have good logistic, warehousing and marketing network throughout India
  • Have state-of-the-Art facilities to manufacture high end APIs & excipients


To identify and bring the latest products and technologies for Pharmaceutical & Personal Care formulations, Health & Wellness.


People are our most important resource to conduct our business in a caring and an environmentally responsible way.

Business Ethics

We add value to our principals without compromising our ethics and integrity.

Trust, Transparency and Fair play remains the corner stone of all our relationships.