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Boai NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (NKY, stock code: 300109) was the first domestic company to develop and manufacture polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) series products in China. With more than 26 years' experience in PVP production coupled to a dedicated commitment to quality improvement and management, NKY has become the largest Chinese producer of PVP's and third largest globally.

In April of 2013, construction of NKY's new plant with 138,800M2 of land and 50,000M2 of structure was completed, making it the production centre of our PVP and PVM/MA polymer families. The new facilities include production capacities of: 12,000 tons/year GBL; 6,000 tons/year 2-pyrrolidone; 6,000 tons/year NVP; 2,500 tons/year PVM/MA copolymer; 2,000 tons/year MVE and 10,000 tons/year PVP's

Our product offerings include: GBL, 2-p, NVP monomer, PVP K Series, Copovidone, VP/VA copolymer series, PVPP, PVPI complex, vinyl ether intermediate and PVM? MA copolymers. NKY is the only domestic company capable of manufacturing PVP K-12 (powder and liquid) and PVP K-60, K-90 and K-120 powders.

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Name of the Product
Kovidone-K30 (PVP K-30)
Polykovidone-XL (PVPP-XL)
Polykovidone-XL 10 (PVPP-XL 10)