Principals & Partners

Joinway Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., (Meska Group) established in 2003, is a GMP certified manufacturer of pharmaceutical excipients. Joinway pharma is also a very famous producer of cellulose ethers products in China.

With these products, Joinway Pharma serves customers in many countries and has established stable relationship with these customers. Besides pharmaceutical industry, with their multi-functional product Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, Joinway is able to supply a lot of customers in several other industries, such as construction, paint, food and personal care industries etc. Meanwhile, Joinway Pharma constantly develops new applications and product solutions in partnership with our customers.

Joinway Pharma majorly manufactures Low substituted Hydroxypropyl cellulose (Joinpure LP11, LP 21 & LP 22) for pharmaceutical applications as a disintegrant. It is also involved in manufacturing of HPMC in various viscosity grades for different purposes. (Joinpure E5, E6, E15, E50, E100, E 4000) It is very versatile, and is suitable for many applications in the design of film-coated tablet formulations.

In addition, Joinpure® HPMC is effective as a binder, since it does not interact with drugs, and has superior stability, non-ionic character.


Brand Name
Joinpure LP-11/21 (L HPC LH11 and LH12) - Low substituted Hydroxypropyl cellulose