Principals & Partners

NAGASE & CO., LTD. is 187 year old Japanese chemical trading firm. founded in Kyoto, Japan in 1832. The NAGASE Group began as a specialized sales agent securing exclusive contracts to sell industry-leading products from around the world in Japan. Over the years, Nagase have leveraged their technology and information gathering expertise —as well as their global network—to transform their business into a hybrid model offering superior manufacturing, processing, and R&D functions as well as trading company services.

Nagase headquartered in Japan. And, having offices / Subsidiaries in major countries of the world.

Nagase are mainly into the business of fine chemicals, Speciality chemicals, API Intermediates and Coating chemicals (Pharmaceutical/ Medical application), Cosmetic and functional food Ingredients

Nagase Major group Companies:

  • Hayashibara: Founded in 1883, majorly into dvelopment and manufacture of Food Ingredients, Cosmetic Ingredients and Pharmaceutical Ingredients.
  • Nagase Chemtex: Established in 1970, majorly into Production and sale of High performance resin including denatured epoxy resins, chemical solutions for photolithography, Epichlorohydrin derivatives, acrylic polymers, conductive polymers, Enzymes and Phospholipids.
  • Nagase Medical Co. Ltd: Manufacture and sale of Pharmaceuticals, animal drugs, health foods and cosmetics.
  • Nagase R&D centre: trying to achieve break through for manufacturing biochemical compounds by using innovative technologies. Nagse holds number of outstanding technologies for handling of streptomyces, species, as host organism.
  • Nagase Application Lab: Conducting raw material analysis, application development and final product formulation.


Brand Name
Pullulan - (Polysaccharide) - For co-diluent for XR
Sunmalt - S (Maltose, Spray Dried)
Maltose PH (low endotoxin grade) (No support) need to confirm
Trehalose SG (low endotoxin grade)
Trehalose 100PH