Principals & Partners

Geltech Co., Ltd. is a worldwide leading gelatin manufacturing and the gelaatine manufacturer in korea inspected by U.S FDA in accordance with 21CFR/110(cGMP for Food Processing) and FDA Guidance - The Sourcing & Porcessing of Gelatin to Reduce the Potential Risk Posed by BSE in FDA Regulated Product for Human Use - with no negative finding. Geltech''s factory is the first gelatin factory in the world having centralized computer control automation system in our state-of-the-art facilities which allows the production of the gelatin of the highest quality.

Certification available as of now is

  • June 2000 : ISO 9001 certified (SGS Yarsley Certification Services Ltd., UK)
  • Nov. 2001 : COS form EDQM (European Directoate for the Quality of Medicines)
  • Mar. 2004 : Audited by US FDA in accordance with cGMP for food Processing
  • Koshel and Halal Ceritificate

Geltech also produces fish gelatin from fish scale pharmaceutical soft and hard capsule use. Highest quality of hydrolyzed gelatin (collagen peptide) from bocvine hide and fish is available as well.

We will make our best efforts to ensure that all of our production and the quality of the product supplies with strict quality assuarance system so that we can offer superior quality products with uniform quality to our customers.


Brand Name
Bovine Hide Gelatin - Soft Capsule
Bovine Hide Gelatin - Hard Capsule
Succinylated Gelatin - Soft Capsule
Fish Gelatin - Soft Capsule
Fish Gelatin - Hard Capsule