Principals & Partners

Fuji Chemical Industries was founded in 1946, amidst the social and economic devastation of the Second World War, with its roots in the Confucian philosophy of "keisei saimin", which seeks to free the world and its people from suffering. For more than half a century since then, our company has overcome numerous adversities and has continued, through research & development of pharmaceuticals and their raw materials, to deliver high-quality products that contribute to improving human health. Without forgetting our founding philosophy, we continue with a strong sense of mission to make an even greater contribution in the future.

In the global niche area of pharmaceutical raw materials, we are focusing our efforts on delivering processing technologies that can enhance the performance of the materials. Meanwhile, in the areas of food and drug additives and excipients, we are embarking on the global development of more convenient products. Fuji Chemical Industries is constantly striving to manufacture products that can make a positive and meaningful contribution to people, society, and our future well-being. Leveraging our technical capabilities developed over the years, we plan to further harness our originality in the fields of bulk pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical products, and the life sciences.


Brand Name
Fujicalin SG (Dibasic Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous, Spray Dried)
Neusilin (Magnesium Aluminometasilicate, Synthetic)
F-Melt Type C/M/F1 (co-processed spray dried excipient)