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Welcome to Gangwal

Since 1987 with a single mission, of providing our customers speciality ingredients of proven quality from well known sources located around the world and our own world-class manufacturing facilities.

Specialty ingredients our expertise

At Gangwal we make available the best of specialty ingredients from the world over, our extensive product portfolio places a unique one-stop solution to your ingredient needs. Our sourced and manufactured products are available as:




Representing some of the most respected and coveted organizations in the world, we realize that the true value of material lies in the right material, at the right place, at the right time. Our representation provides you products with complete availability & technical support.

Manufactured Products

Gangwal has now expanded as a Pharmaceutical Ingredient manufacturing company with a product profile comprising Specialty APIs, Intermediates, Excipients, Sweeteners and Extracts.


Manufacturing & Distribution

We represent 60+ organizations from the world over, distributing effectively hundreds of products and thousands of grades and variations. Having dedicated teams for technical, logistics, sales and procurement processes we guarantee excellent reliability and commitment levels to all organizations that rely on us every day. At Gangwal we are redefining service & availability one batch at a time. Utmost care is taken for accurate information recording and verification at all levels.

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image Excellent Infrastructure

Gangwal Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.was founded in 1987 to play a key role as an innovative and dependable service provider. The Company was quick to envisage the challenges which the rapidly growing pharmaceutical industry in India was likely to face as it was beginning to establish itself as a global force.

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image Collaboration & Trust

The Team

Gangwal , is a team of most advanced experts from R&D, manufacturing, Marketing, Finance , TQM, Regulatory, IPR and Logistics business areas who cohesively provide a strong and reliable multi-lane bridge between R&D, Manufacturing,Customers,Suppliers and Govt. Authorities.

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image Product Manufacturing

Spread Over 1000 Square Meters we produce quantities from 2 Kgs to 1500 Kgs per month depending on the product, being a G.M.P. plant we are best equipped to manufacturing niche, low volume and high value products.Highest standards are maintained to ensure quality and correct specifications of the said products that are mentioned.

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Not only sales and marketing related, we also assist you in processing our products.

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