Gangwal Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.was founded in 1987 to play a key role as an innovative and dependable service provider. The Company was quick to envisage the challenges which the rapidly growing pharmaceutical industry in India was likely to face as it was beginning to establish itself as a global force.To meet this requirement, it called for a high caliber of technical expertise not only to identify the opportunities but also to understand the cutting edge technology and provide suitable products.This however, is easier said than done.

The hunger to achieve was paramount and called for a great deal of commitment from the Gangwal Team to measure up to customers’ expectations. Of course, we were routinely presented with new challenges. This infact whetted the appetite even further. It was considered to be an off day if a new problem was not thrown at us.As a result, is now a team of most advanced experts from R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing, Finance, TQM, Regulatory, IPR and Logistic business areas who cohesively provide a strong and reliable multilane bridge between R&D, Manufacturing, Customers, Suppliers and Govt.Authorities. Today, Gangwal is a name well-known with leading Pharmaceutical companies. Our Principals have undoubtedly played a key role in our success by identifying very early that Gangwal is worthy of delivering what is required in a partnership, not just goods & services but beyond everything else TRUST.